Wish Granted at UNLV Soccer Camp

Wish Granted at UNLV Soccer Camp

There are times when life can become a greater challenge than any sporting competition.

Such was the case when the UNLV Soccer Camp was held at the Peter Johann field welcoming children ages 6-12 on June 9th. Even though it seemed like an average day at the field, little did Jeremy know that the Make A Wish Foundation was there for a special surprise.

Jeremy Fjelsted, a charming 10 year-old boy who was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) got his wish granted to go to Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas. The wish came unexpectedly, leaving Jeremy speechless.

“Ever since he got diagnosed people have stepped up and brought us food and brought him hundreds of gifts and even the kids at school donated money.” Said Shani Fjelsted, Jeremy’s mother. “It’s just humbling to see how generous people really are.”

Jeremy was diagnosed on Easter Sunday in 2015, reporting that he felt leg pain, which inevitably lead to doctors appointments leading to the discovery of his illness.

Despite his predicament, Jeremy energetically ran around and played with the other kids, displaying an unwavering spirit within him.

I can tell you Jeremy made a difference in the lives of all of the other campers that day as well.

Supporting athletes and community soccer players on and off the field is just another part of the mission of the UNLV Soccer Foundation.

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