Danny Musovski


  •  How did you get started in soccer? How old were you?

My Dad got me into soccer when I was four years old. It was the first and only sport I grew up playing.


  • What made you choose UNLV?

Family. My Dad works at the school and my Mom and older brother graduated from the school. So, my strong ties to the University ultimately lead to my decision to play soccer there.


  • What is your major? Year in school?

Accounting. I’m going into my Junior year.


  • What is your favorite color?



  • Besides soccer what is your favorite sport/hobbie? favorite type of food? favorite song?

I do have a strong interest in basketball. I’m a diehard LeBron James fan. I also played a season of JV basketball in high school where I starred as the teams 12th man.


  •  Biggest accomplishment in soccer?

Breaking the Nevada state record for most goals in a high school career has to be my proudest accomplishment. Mainly, because that record hadn’t been touched in over 30 years and people didn’t think it could be broken.


  • What are your life goals and aspirations?

Hopefully play soccer at the highest level.


  •  One word that describes you?



  •  What is on your bucket list?

A lot of things, but if I have to narrow it down it would be to go to France and eat lunch with Thierry Henry. (my favorite soccer player)

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